Crafts in Historic Jonesborough

Folks in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee have always taken pride in their rich crafting heritage. Historic Jonesborough, Tennessee exhibits the art of crafts in their shops from America and abroad. Visitors and locals from Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol come to get lovely scented candles and pampering items, rustic home décor, baskets, floral designs, Native American Indian and ethnic art from the shops listed below.

Our crafting experts will inspire you with many craft ideas to continue our crafting heritage in America. Discuss your crafting ideas over dinner in one of Historic Jonesborough’s delectable choices for dining. Then stay in our historic bed and breakfasts or turn-of-the-century Inn where most of the furniture and furnishings are made by local craftsman.

picCrafty Peddler

Originally built as a saloon around 1888, the Mail Pouch Building takes its name from the charming tobacco sign which graces its western wall. Restored in 1994, the sign wall is a colorful reminder of the days when sign painters toured the country covering barns and buildings with their handiwork.

Today, the building houses a unique gift and craft shop called The Crafty Peddler. Home of the 6½ ft. Cigar Store Indian carved by a local artist, this craft shop also has folk art, baskets, pottery, jewelry, home and garden décor, and Christmas creations year round.

104 South Cherokee Street
Painted around 1895, the sign itself is made up of two parts: the lower portion, advertising Mail Pouch Tobacco, processed by Bloch Bros. of Wheeling, West Virginia. The upper portion is an advertisement for Augustus B. Cummings, who was a local businessman and possibly one of the inventors of the first plow. This portion is called a privilege panel, and was traditionally given to the building’s owner or occupant as compensation for allowing the tobacco company to paint their sign on the building.

picKimberlie's Kandles

Come in and choose from over 200 scents or take part in a workshop to make your own scent. Our family-owned business has candles, air care, body spray, body lotion, wax warmers, candle supplies, and wax melts available in our store or on our website.

104 E. Jackson Blvd
Learn how to make your own candles with our candle supplies and scents! We have the candle making supplies you need to take charge of your aromatherapy, from paraffin wax and wax melter items to apothecary jars, fantastic soy wax (perfect for air freshener candles), Mason jars and jelly jars, and all the wholesale candle supplies you can think of. Enjoy amazing candle fragrances, compare wicks, shop for pet bottles, and even check out our soap making supplies. We have a wide variety of candle and soap supplies available from custom scents to glass containers.

picHands Around The World

Our one-of-a-kind hand-crafted art are conversation pieces with an international flair, becoming focal points in any home decor. They are time-tested treasures to be passed from generation to generation. We travel all over the world looking for the best in hand-made crafts from many Native American and ethnic groups, particularly in the Far East and Latin America. We go directly to the artist's home and personally hand-select crafts for quality as well as for cultural and artistic merit. Getting to know the artist personally and being able to relay the story of their life and art is an important aspect of our business. We strive to honor the individual artist and their culture as well as their art.

We endeavor to help preserve the Native American culture as well as their crafts. The goal of Hands Around The World is to bring unique Indian art to you while helping to improve the economic situation of the artists living in their communities. These hand-made imported Native American Indian and ethnic crafts make unique artwork gifts.

111 East Main Street
Hands Around the World on Facebook
Owner Janet Browning began by helping one small Amazon Indian village. She now travels the world over buying directly from the artists to bring handmade treasures home to Jonesborough. A purchase from Hands Around The World means supporting traditional art and artists using fair trade practices. Buying direct also means no middleman and great prices for you!

picPaul's Pens Odds & Ends

Paul's Pens Odds & Ends is a new store located in Jonesborough, Tennessee. We sell a wide variety of pens, as well as kitchen accessories such as corkscrews, coffee scoops, ice cream scoops, pie knives, cheese slicers, bottle stoppers, nut crackers, and pig tail food flippers. We also sell key chains, refrigerator magnets, fan pulls, business card holders, bowls, tea light candle holders, lamps, and nightlights. All lathe-turned items are handcrafted by Paul Morin in Jonesborough.

Our pens are made from wood, acrylic, and stone. We have pens made with bog oak from the fens of England that is at least 4,000 years old and ancient kauri from New Zealand that is at least 30,000 years old. We have whiskey pens made with the barrel staves of the whiskey barrels from four distilleries--Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam, Maker's Mark and Wild Turkey and are sold with matching key chains. We have a pen and keychain combo made from the Atlantic City Boardwalk wood when it was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. We even have glow-in-the dark pens.

105 1/2 Fox Street
We are adding new items and take custom orders.

We are on Facebook. If you google "Paul's Pens, Jonesborough, TN" we should be the first choice.

Please stop by and give us a try.